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The bishops of rome and of alexandria during the reign of trajan. Historia eclesiastica 1 historia del cristianismo iglesia. At that time also alexander, the fifth in the line of succession from peter and paul, received the episcopate at rome. This was especially the case in alexandria, to which city, as to a most prominent theater, athletes of god were brought from egypt and all thebais according to their merit, and won crowns from god through their great patience under many. The ecclesiastical writers that flourished in those days.

Summary view of the preexistence and divinity of our savior and lord jesus christ 1. Pdf historia eclesiastica christian lorca academia. A religiao anunciada por ele nao e nova nem estranha 5. Socrates speaks of troilus as a native of side in pamphilia, and. About the twelfth year of the reign of trajan the abovementioned bishop of the parish of alexandria died, and primus, the fourth in succession from the apostles, was chosen to the office 2. Topics deus, ortodoxa, igreja collection opensource language portuguese. Historia eclesiastica eusebio wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre. For cornelius, who succeeded hero, was the fourth, and after him eros, the fifth in order, had held the office of bishop. Bizkaia arkitektura monografias bizkaia pdf download. O ano 27 ac marca a transio da repblica ao imprio romano. Socrates scolasticus historia ecclesiastica the ecclesiastical. Since in christ there is a twofold nature, and the one in so far as he is thought of as god. At that time also in the church of antioch, theophilus was well known as the sixth from the apostles.

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