Constitucion bolivia 1967 pdf file

Constitucion politica del estado cpe bolivia infoleyes. Titulo preliminar disposiciones generales articulo 1. The sovereign state of bolivia is a constitutionally unitary state, divided into nine departments. August 31 tamara bunke, argentineborn east german revolutionary, killed in ambush by bolivian army october 9 che guevara, argentineborn marxist revolutionary involved in cuban revolution and simba rebellion in republic of the congo leopoldville now democratic republic of the congo. It is bordered to the north and east by brazil, to the southeast by paraguay, to the south by argentina, to the southwest by chile, and to the northwest by peru. Powered by create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Constitucion politica del estado cpe 7febrero2009 lista. Modifiche degli articoli 96, 4 e 5 della costituzione e della legge costituzionale 11 marzo 1953, n. Descentralizacion y democracia en america latina indiana. Justia bolivia nueva constitucion politica del estado. Its geography varies from the peaks of the andes in the west, to the eastern lowlands, situated within the amazon basin. This is understood as chilean territory that bolivia ceded in treaty of peace and friendship of 1904 between chile and bolivia after the war of the pacific which left bolivia a. Justia bolivia nacionales nueva constitucion politica del estado nueva constitucion politica del estado primera parte bases fundamentales del estado derechos, deberes y garantias. The 2009 constitution of bolivia states that the country has an unrenounciable right over the territory that gives it access to the pacific ocean and its maritime space. Bolivia is named after simon bolivar, a venezuelan leader in the spanish american wars of independence.

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